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Murlough Beach XI

Hare’s Gap III

7am start at Trassy. Back to car by 9:30am. It was dry with a cold wind.

4.2 miles | 2h30m

Hare’s Gap II

What did you do today?

We got up at 6am (well the clock said 6 but it was 5am since the clocks rolled forward an hour over night). Left Trassy car park at 7.03am. First time back so it was slow going but we made it to Hare’s Gap by 8:32am. A few mins for coffee and then the trudge back to the car park by 9:45am.

It was wet, windy and cold (when wet and windy).

4.2 miles | 2h45m


Murlough Beach X

Murlough Beach IX


Murlough Beach VIII

Doan III

7am start from Ott car park. Zero visibility by the time we got to the top, just a cold whipping wind.

4.2 miles | 2h10m

Slieve Bearnagh II

7am start. Trassy -> took a right at the base of Hare’s Gap up to the col -> up steep climb to Bearnagh summit, turned left at the top and followed the wall back to Hare’s Gap and back via Trassy.

5.3 miles | 4h15m

Slieve Bear…

Not Slieve Bearnagh

7am start. Made it about halfway up Slieve Bearnagh from the col before hitting our 2 hour (outbound time cap) which was actually 2h10m.

5.4m | 3h40m

Murlough Beach VII


Low Tide. Soft sand. Beautiful Morning.

8am start. Murlough -> Newcastle

1.3 miles | 50 mins